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SNL APPEARANCE May 19, 20012

Mick Jagger hosted SNL last night. He was funny as hell. Just great and in quite a number of skits. Jagger played a Nerd out with friend at a Karaoke Bar watching one performer after the other do Stones songs. The two girls and 1 guy Jagger's nerdy character was with were going ga-ga over each performer, praising how great they were, that the looked (un-true) just like Mick Jagger and sounded just like him, even better. All the while Jagger's Nerdy Character is saying he doesn't think so and that he disagrees and doesn't like the performers. Friggin Hilarious.
Mick also plays a flamboyant actor who's on a game show like password. his character is supposed to be actor who plays James Bond type characters but in real life he is nothing like his on screen suave macho Bond-Type but a slightly nerdy and feminine type with gay tendencies and a total opposite from the on screen persona.
Jagger is also Hilarious on an American Idol type show which sees Mick playing Steven Tyler. Again Mick was Friggin Hilarious. Maybe Mick should think about a second career as a Comedic Actor, "he's great."
Being a huge Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger fan I hate to say it but Mick's singing wasn't nearly as good or enjoyable (for me anyway) as his Funny As Hell comedic acting. I totally enjoyed Mick acting in the skits. i was almost rolling on the floor. Just brilliant as the English love to say. Jagger's singing performances on the show however I didn't really enjoy that much. I'm truly sorry to say. But I must. I wanted to, but didn't. Hey I love Mick and the Stones, but the singing performances last night just didn't cut it for me. Sorry Mick.  You gotta get yourself in some Funny-Ass movie with Mike Myers or somebody like that. You'd be great. Anyway, loved seeing Mick on Saturday Night Live, and ......

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