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The Dudes Super Bowl Party Eats

Super Bowl Sunday, one of the biggest, most important days of the year. An unofficial American Holiday right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas, with almost as much food and plenty of Beer. The biggest Beer Day of the year, and biggest day of the year for Potato Chips, Pretzels, Salsa, and Onion Dip too. Biggest day of the Year for Chili and Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Got Any Kahlua?

   And where are you watching the Super Bowl This Year? At a local bar, a friends house, your house? If at your house what are you gonna serve. Well some try to get fancy with all sorts of stuff, but nothing beats the Super Bowl Sunday Classic Eats like' Potato Chips, Dip, Pretzels, Nachos, Big Bowls of Chili, and Buffalo Chicken Wings. Are you entertaining yourself this year? Well if you are, there's something you might want to help you along the way. It's a Cookbook filled with just the recipes you'll need to help you throw the perfect Super Bowl Party. Well if not perfect, Dam Good and surely successful. A surprise book has emerged of late, as "The Go-To Cookbook For Super Bowl Sunday Eat." The book in question is The Dudes Big Lebowski Cookbook "Got Any Kahlua" The Collected Recipes of The Dude by cookbook author Daniel Zwicke .. Got Any Kahlua has been quite the big hit since it publication release in the Summer of 2012 ... Well the wonderful film which is the greatest cult movie of All-Time "The Big Lebowski" is almost sure to be a hit on it's own, simply from the throngs of fans (Fanatics) of this cult classic, people know in Dude & Lebowski Circles as "Achievers." 
    This little book, Got Any Kahlua? is quite a gem, filled with great easy to make recipes. The recipes are easy and amazingly tasty, and being of and about The Dude and The Big Lebowski, it's filled with wonderful little stories, quotes and quibbles that apply to the Achievers most cherished hero "The Dude." Got Any Kahlua was designed by renowned cookbook author Daniel Zwicke to be just and those things, to be filled with recipes that had to be and are all "Tasty and Quick and Easy to Make." The recipes had to be economical as well, all things that would appeal to The Dude and His Followers, the "Achievers."
     So, The Super Bowl, Super Bowl Parties, The Dude and his wonderful little cookbook, The Dudes Collected Recipes, it's Got Any Kahlua? Super Bowl Foods "Greatest Hits" in; The Dudes "Cowboy Chili," Buffalo Chicken Wings, as well as a Dude Original Recipe called "Crazy Wings," Guacamole, Tacos, and Burritos. they are all in there, and all quite wonderful, and of the recipes are of The Dude, and when it comes down to it, whose Recipes For Cowboy Chili and Buffalo iIngs would you rather use for your Super Bowl Party Eats, "The Dude" or Martha Stewart? The answer is quite obvious. Well, if not "All" to Millions anyway.

Article:  Ed Cullen

Got Any Kahlua?
Available in Paperback
and Kindle on

Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Well a Great New Book on Just That Hit the Market today. SUNDAY SAUCE "SAUSAGE MEATBALLS & PASTA FAZOOL"  was Released on Amzaon KINDLE today and is Available for KINDLE iPhone iPad and all Androdi Devices and for the rest of October is Available at the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY Price of Jusr $2.99 ... This Book is Awesome, and is sure to Please its ITALIAN-AMERICAN Following of Author DANIEL ZWICKE as well as anyone Interested in the Great Subject of Italian-America and ITALIAN FOOD .. And is there possibly anyone out there who isn't? A few i guess but not many.
SUNDAY SAUCE "Sausage Meatballs & Fazool" is Filled with wonderful Stories and recipes of "SUNDAY SAUCE" MEATBALLS "ITALIAN GRAVY" Sausage & Peppers "MEATBALL PARM SANDWICHES" PASTA FAZOOL and more .. All the most important Italian-American Favorites are in Sunday Sauce and its sure to Please. Looks Like SUNDAY SAUCE - Sausage Meatballs & Fazool is going to prove to be the "Hot Food Read of Autumn 2012 ... We at NyFoodie agree! 

Anthony Ragusa

Two Great Books On Sunday Sauce and The Italian-American Experience


New York is a Steak Kingdom. One of the greatest places on Earth and a World Capital of  Steaks. Some would say Argentina. Yes Argentina is a land of Steaks, and the Argentinians eat more steak then any other peoples on earth. However when it comes to Steak Houses and Steaks and the experience of going to a great Steak House and having Great Steak Houses, there is no place on Gods good Earth that comes near New York "The Steak House Capital of The World" with the # 1 most Famous Cherished Steak House in all the World "Peter Luger's" in Brooklyn, New York ... Luger's is legendary and in terms of Steak House's "God Like," no other can touch it. New York has other great and famous Steak Houses such as; Smith & Wollensky, Frankie & Johnnies, The Old Homestead, Keens, and others including the famed Sparks where Mafia Boss Paul Castellano was gunned-down "Whacked" in on e of the most famous "Mob Hits" of all-time.
    Yes, New York is the World Capital of Steak Houses, as it is a World Capital and Thee American Capital of Pizza, World Capital of Jewish Delis, Pastrami and Corned Beef, a Burger Capital and in competition with Paris for the # 1 Dining Restaurant Capital of The World. A Lot of Capitals ! And that's just food, not to mention, Capital of The Publishing World, Finance, Art, Music, Theater, Fashion, writing and what-not.
   Back to the Steak Capital. Do you know where the Newport and Porterhouse Steak was invented? Yes, New York of course. The Newport Steak, a great steak that's relatively unknown even in its native Greenwich Village where it was created by Italian immagrant butcher Jack Ubaldi at his little Butcher Shop in the heavily Italian populated neighborhood back in the 1940. The Newport Steak is quite wonderful, a tasty little steak cut from the Tri-Tip Bottom Sirloin. If you've never had one, do yourself a favor and run over to the Village a snag a Newport or two from the famed famed butcher shop still open, where the Newport was created, Florence Prime Meat Market in Greenwich Village. Pino's Prime Meats, a 100 plus Year Old Italian Butcher Shop on Sullivan Street cuts a mean Newport as well.
    Well, now on to the Porterhouse King of Steaks. Back in the early days of our lustrous city, in the 1700 and 1800 there were places (Inns / Restaurants) called Porterhouses where weary travelers; sailors or whom ever would go to and rest, eat, have a ale or two or what-not. Porterhouses were usually located at Stagecoach stops, Railroad Stations, and sailing ports. They got their name Porterhouse in that they served Porter Ale, along with certain eats such as soup, stew, steaks, and various other foods.
  The invention, creation of the Porterhouse Steak? It was at a Morrison's Porterhouse on Pearl Street in lower Manhattan in or around 1814 .. A sailor who was quite hungry walked into Morrison's Porterhouse on Pearl Street and ordered a steak. Not too many minutes Martin Morrison had served up the last steak he had on hand. None left he told the hungry sailor. The sailor was not having it. He was dam hungry and said he must have a piece of Beef, and only Beef would do. Morrsion had a large Roast Cooking up in his kitchen that was a long way off from being done. Martin Morrsison had an idea. An idea that would satisfy and make the hungry sailor quite happy. He was gonna get the steak, piece of beef he said he just had to have. Not only would the sailor get his steak, but now, here we have this very day, Martin Morrison being written and talked about and acknowledged as the man who created the famed Porterhouse Steak. A bit of Culinary Fame, but no compensation for creating such a glorious thing. Well Morrsion never knew, and hopefully he was a happy man. Anyway, what did Morrsion do you say? That large Roast Beef he had that was far from being finished, well Morrsion cut a piece off the end. That piece included a piece of sirloin and a piece of the filet of the beef with a bone in-between the two cuts of meat, a 
T-Bone. Morrison cut this piece off the big roast, cooked it up and served it to the Hungry Sailor. The sailor devoured that Steak (The First Ever Porterhouse Steak), of course with a stein of Porter Ale to wash everything down. The Sailor was satisfied. Very much so, and ordered up another, and told Morrsion, "For now on, I'd like my Steak always served this way," exactly  the same cut and everything. And so it was. Morrsion had hios butcher cut him steaks this way, what we now now as a Porterhouse Steak, created in Lowere Manhattan, New York, NY, World Capital of Steaks and Steak Houses, "There is No Disputing This," New York and Steaks, they go together.

Article:  Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

As Cooked by Author Daniel Bellino-Zwicke  "La Tavola"
Newport Steak Cut by Pino's Prime Meats, Sullivan Street, NY NY

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New York Cafes & Their Pleasures

New York and Greenwich Village
Most Storied Cafe,  Caffe Reggio

New York city, one might say is the new Paris. Well in terms of writers artist and other creative types. New York for a number of years has been the World Center of Art, Music, and Writing, the three main, most influential, and popular of all the arts, these are the big three. New York is also the center and World Capitals of Television, News, and publishing which includes most major magazines and book publishing houses. Along with being the leader in these fields, New York is a leader in Movie Production and the movie industry, with only Hollywood ahead of it. Yes New York City is without question the Center and World Capital of The Arts. Hey I almost forgot Fashion, New York is one of the tops, and in some peoples eyes it is tops in fashion, even beating out Paris and Italy. Well maybe, it's a personal choice. Some pick New York, and if not the capital, without question New York is among the Capitals of Fashion, plural, which includes; Paris, Milan, London, and yes New York. So yes, New York is by far, without question The World Capital of the arts. Hey lets not forget about Food. Many consider New York the food capital of the World, and it is in the running with Paris. So, anyway, artists, whether they are; painters, writers, musicians, whatever, need place to meet, fuel up, gather, and work. Many go to cafes, especially writers who can spend hours every day, working, plying their trade, their Art, alla Hemingway, Fitzgerald and others. Cafes for years have fueled and fed writers and other artists. Writers can writer for hours, artist can sketch, musicians and all artists gather together, talk, discuss, throw around ideas, and what-not. Regular folks go there to. To cafes. Actually, writers, painters and musicians may be the most colorful and interesting of the cafe going lot, regular folk make up the bulk of customers and my be interesting themselves. Lovers, professors, office workers, all sorts may go and indulge in the pleasures of the Cafe. Yes, the pleasures of cafes; sit, relax, sip an Espresso, Cappuccino, glass of Wine, whatever, enjoy the relaxed welcoming feelings required of any good cafe. You can People Watch "a Favorite Cafe Pastime," especially at outdoor tables of cafes in Paris, Italy, Vienna, Prague, and all over Europe. New York too.

to Be Continued

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

Thursday, January 10, 2013


    Yes, the big question, "should I get a Mac." A Macbook Pro, Apple Computer. A question I've been pondering for quite some time now. Well I got with Apple 2 and a half years ago when I got an iPod Touch and fell in love with it and absolutely adore it. I do everything with. Well not everything, but a lot, and it can't do many things I do with my Laptop, not as good. But it's not supposed to. It's a iPod Touch, a sort of mini-computer, mini tablet, whatever, it's an iPod. An iPod Touch, so much more than just an iPod.
   Well what do I do with it and why do I like it so much. First off everyone is gonna have different reason for why they love it. Teenagers are gonna say they love it for Gaming and Music, and? Me, yes I love it for its Music capabilities and apps, the Camera, even though the Camera on the iPod Touch "Sucks" the video is a bit better, it is great to always have a camera and mini-camcorder on had at all times, and I do always have my iPod Touch with me at all times. Why don't i just get an iPhone or a comparable Android Smart-Phone you ask? Well I'm not as "dumb" as most, or as rich, or willing to throw money away. Did you realize that with $100 price-tag of your monthly payment, that iPhone that you think you only paid $199 or $299 for, in reality actually cost you $1,800 ? Yep, true! Instead of spending $2,700 in two years time, I bought a iPod Touch for $300, my Cel Phone Bill for 24 months is $840 and I spend an extra $10 a month for my Mobile Hotspot over the cost of having just internet at home, so that's another $240, for a Grand Total of $1,380 and a savings to me in a 24 month period of $1,320 .. Wow that's a lot, and enough to just about cover the cost of the Macbook Pro that I'm think of getting. You see with my Cel Phone package of unlimited Talk and Text for a flat $40 plus the extra $10 for my Hotspot, I have and iPhone for only $50 a month as apposed to $100, a savings of $50 a month or $600 a year. Wow! Now that's a lot! A phone with Talk and Txt plus an iPod Touch can do everything that an iphone can, but for $600 less a year, or $1,200 in two years time, or a savings of $3,000 in 5 years. My old Mororaola Razor, which I love combined with my iPod Touch equals a iPhone, but for just $50 a month as opposed to $100 or more. Now, Wow again! The only thing I lose is the quality of the Camera which on the iPhone is Superior to the Camera on the iPod Touch, which again "Suck." Well, I know and you know this is one of Apples "famous ploys" to keep Sucking Money from you, and is the reason that there are "Apple Haters" in the world. Well, to put it milder, people who don't like Apple, "The Games they Play."

Yes if you know Apple, you know that they didn't put a good camera in the iPod Touch because they want to string people along. They'll put a better camera in the iPod T. in newer generations along with a few other upgrades in order to get people who already have an iPod Touch to buy another one. A new one, up grade. They could have and should have put a much better camera in to begin with instead of the crappy camera they did go with. They did it for a reason, the one I just explained  they want "More Money from You." Yes, this is the reason some people do not like Apple, believe it or not.
 So, the big question, "Should I get a Mac." ??? Many people told me I should, that PC suck in comparison to a Mac. Two things, Macs are "Expensive" and generally twice the price. And tow, I'm used to Windows and PCs, a Mac is a big change. Most say for the better, "do it," they say, take the plunge, So should I? Will I? Should I get a Mac?

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Please leave comments and suggestion on whether i should get a mac or not ....

Monday, January 7, 2013


3rd Avenue at 55th Stree, New York, NY
Since 1884

Are you a True Downtowner who has found themselves for one reason or another on the Upper East Side and needed a good place to have a drink and grab a good Burger. You need a good joint, not a obnoxious Sports Bar with 20 annoying Flat Screen TVs. You're not from BumFu_k Iowa, so Applebee's or Tj McFunsters just won't do. You're a Downtowner, you need a inexpensive, unpretentious, non-contrived place with a Cool Vibe. Well for years now, my Go-To all-around place on the Upper East Side (for the Rare Times I'm in that neighborhood) is without question PJ Clarke's. The ambiance is beyond compare, wonderfully well worn, charming, and awash in History.
    PJ Clarke's was one of Sinatra's Favorites along with the 21 Club, Jilly's and Patsy's on 56th Street. And speaking of Sinatra who recorded a wonderful version of "One For My Baby" which was written at PJ Clarke's on a Cocktail Napkin by the great Johnny Mercer in 1941.
    When I go to PJ Clarke's, I'm thinking of a Burger, a Beer or Bourbon Old Fashion, and an order of Onion Rings. With all the rage of Burger's these days, PJ Clarke's has been serving one of New York's tastiest Burgers for close to a Hundred Years. Even Jackie Kennedy loved PJ Clarke Burgers and ate them often. And Nat King Cole proclaimed after eating a tasty Bacon Cheeseburger that it was the Cadillac of Burgers. "You know Nat, I agree." And combined with the wonderful ambiance, History, and allure of the place, PJ Clarke's just ca not be beat. Try it!

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke


One of Sinatra's favorite joints .....
Johnny Mercer wrote One For My Baby a Sinatra Favorite on a Cocktail Napkin at PJ Clarke's  .....
Jackie Kennedy often brought John F. Kennedy Jr. for a Saturday lunch Burger.......
Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) orders a Burger here in The French Connection ...
Author Charles Jackson was a regular at PJ Clarke's and in the movie version with ray Miland, PJ Clarke's was used and called Nat's Bar in the movie ...
On June 20, 1958 Buddy Holly proposed to his fiancee there ...
Johnny Depp gave a gift of a Guitar to Keith Richards and Keef played on the spot Brown Sugar ....
PJ Clarke's was a Favorite of Ted Kennedy, Richard Harris, Jake LaMotta, and Dick Clark, all of who love the burger ...
Regular Liza Minelli loves the PJ Clarke Burger as well ...

photo Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

When Is Carbone Opening and When Will Totonno's Re-Open ? Most Important New York Restaurant News of 2013

When Will It Re-Open
First The Fire
Now A Hurricane

The two biggest stories and concerns of The New York Culinary Restaurant Foodie scene, whatever you want to call it, for the New Year of 2013, is # 1 when will are beloved Totonno's on Neptune Avenue, Coney Island re-open? And maybe # 2 might be, what's going on with the former Rocco's space on Thompson Street in Greenwich Village, taken over by Parm Team of Rich Torissi and Mario Carbone? Well we don't know much as of this moment. They say Totonno's will be open by mid-January, I wish but wouldn't count on it. We'll see.
   As for The Parm Boys Carbone & Torrisi their spot in the old Rocco's space, I can see they are making progress. A new store-front is almost done. Inside who knows. It's time for Mario to get his name on one of their restaurants. This new one will be named Carbone and if their first two places ( Torrisi Italian Specialties and Parm) are an indication, Carbone will be well received, it should be updated Red Sauce Food and Restaurant, and will most likely be a huge hit. I've got a feeling these guys will Hit  Another Home Run.
   Well, we can't wait to go out to Totonno's and have some more of their superb Pizza. And we're looking forward to Carbone and what those guys are up to and all that. Hoping for the best, as always.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Coffee The Rolling Stones & Simple Pleasures of Life

The Simple Pleasures of Life; having your morning Coffee, watching a Ballgame, delving into a great Book, relaxing, riding a Bike, watching a couple Rolling Stones Videos. What? Yes a Rolling Stones Video, other Classic Rock Bands like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix The Beatles. Or maybe some Great Old R&B of Motown or some fantastic stuff by Philadelphia Sound spin-masters Gamble and Huff.     Well I was at the cafe the other day having my daily morning coffee, a simple pleasure in itself. My morning Coffee is typically an hour-and-a-half long. It's not just to drink Coffee but to relax in the pleasant cafe atmosphere, see my cafe-friends, bang out stuff on my Laptop, read some News, and just have an all around pleasant time. The Coffee itself, I just can't wait to sink my teeth into my first cup of coffee each and every morning. It's like a good ol friend waiting for me over at the cafe each and every day, and I just love it and don't know what I'd do without. "I think you know what I mean?" Yes we do Love our morning Coffee each and every day, hundreds and hundreds of millions of us, in America and the World over, Coffee and our morning coffee.

In the recent happening of Hurricane Sandy that hit New York and New Jersey pretty hard. Living downtown Manhattan nothing disastrous happened to us. We didn't have any major damage to our homes or possessions but we did all lose Electricity for 5 days. The first morning after the Hurricane Hit and we were without electricity, I got up, took a sponge bath (No Hot Water), got dressed and went out looking for friends, food, and the beloved Coffee. I walked around the neighborhood (Greenwich Village), saw a few friends, then headed up to Midtown in search of electricity (to Charge the Cel-Phone and laptop), food and Coffee. They had electricity above 39th Street, so I headed up there, walking of course. I looked all over for a Starbucks and didn't find a dam one open. They had Electricity but they weren't open. "Those Bastards at Starbucks let us down when we needed them most. No Starbucks and no coffee. Bummer." I'm not an advocate of Starbucks, but here and there they do come in handy, not that day, "When New York Needed Starback The Most" they let us done. Do you know how people would have been to get a nice cup of coffee when Sandy hit, we didn't have electricity  no lights, no power to make coffee? Well that's Starbucks. Well, I walked 140 city blocks that day, In-Search of Electricity, Food, Shelter and Coffee. I found Coffee at a McDonalds that was open on 46th Street. And yes food there too. Had a nice Black Angus Burger. It was pretty dam good. I found shelter there and shelter and electricity to charge my cel-phone and laptop when I popped into the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The Waldorf was a God-Send. I went there for 4 days straight after and during Sandy, got Coffee, electricity  and nice shelter in a deluxe hotel lobby at The Waldorf. They were great!    Dam I really got off the track there. Let's get back to what we started here, The Rolling Stones and what a simple pleasure it can be to watch one of their videos.     Yes I was at the cafe talking to my friend Chris. We were talking music, commenting on what was playing on the Cafe Stereo. They were playing a lot of 80's Hits and now I can't remember which ones, but they were all good. And again we got into a conversation about how apallingly "Terrible The Music, Bands, and Musicians Are These Days." "They Suck" !!! There is almost "No Good Music" these days, at this time in 2013, and for the past 15 years or so. It's just not made anymore, not like in the 60s, 70s and even 1980s. The Music these days Sucks! There are a "Very Few" good artist these days, like: Alicia Keyes who is fantastic, Cee Lo Green, Cold Play, Maroon 5 and maybe a few others, but not many, not like in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Anyway the Stones came on and we starting talking Rolling Stones, Mick, Keith, Woody and such. Some how conversation came to the opening Guitar Riff of Start Me Up and Chris thought it was Ron Wood playing the Riff. I said no it was Keith (Keith Richards) and Chris asked if I was sure? Yes! So he told me to Google it. I did. I was right, it is Keith Richards playing the opening Riff. Well then I watched a couple of great Start Me Up videos on Youtube along with my favorite Stones Video, their 1978 Performance Live in Texas of "Beast of Burden." It's friggin Awesome; the sound quality, The Stones themselves, the song, the way the Stones played it that night, Mick great singing and dancing around was awesome, Charlie on drums, Wyman on Bass, and of course the great Keith Richards and Ron Wood on dueling Gibson Les Paul Guitars. Fucking Great! I loved it, sitting there watching those two great Rolling Stones performances on Youtube, drinking my coffee in the nice cafe, and carrying on conversation with my buddy Chris. I loved those two videos so much and was enjoying them immensely that day, you just can't imagine. A lot.    Yes, and so "The Simple Pleasures of Life." Had my Coffee at my nice quiet cafe for just $3.00. It always feels good being there. Chit Chatted with my friend Chris and watched those great Rolling Stones videos "Beast of Burden" and "Start Me Up" for Free on Youtube.  I was happier than a Bug in a Rug, The Stones, Coffee, the Cafe, Friends, and Youtube "The Simple Pleasures of Life."

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

The $3 PBR







Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The Perfect Newport Steak? What? I make it. Not everyone can. Number 1, you have to start with a Great Steak, a Newport Steak. A Steak not known to many. Well if you're fortunate to live in New York's Greenwich Village, you might know about them. Then again, you might not, cause just because you live in The Village, doesn't mean you know of this little thing of wonder, The Newport Steak. The Newport Steak is a thing of wonder, especially if you love Steak but don't want to shell out about $19.00 a piece or more to get one. That's uncooked from the butcher, a nice Prime Sirloin Steak that is. Now a Newport Steak on the other hand will cost you about $7.50 on the average, or roughly 2 1/2 times less than a Sirloin, and you do not give up on taste or quality. It's just as good. Maybe better.

A Perfectly Cooked Newport Steak
Cooked by Cookbook Author Daniel Bellino Zwicke
Greenwich Village New York
As The ROLLING STONES Play in The Backgroudn
SWEET !!!!

It is said that The Newport Steak was created by Jack Ubaldi, an Italian immigrant who owned a Butcher Shop in New York's heavily Italian Greenwich Village some time around 1947. The Newport Steak is actually most commonly known as Tri Tip Steak and comes from the Bottom Sirloin portion of a cow. The Tri Tip is not well known nor much in demand. Well not among the masses, but we "Smart Ones" know better. We always get equal or better quality of anything, but always pay less. Thus the case of a Tri-Tip or if as we call it in New York's Greenwich Village "The Newport Steak" In California, Californians know it as The Santa Maria Steak.
   Anyway, Mr. Ubaldi, wanted to sell this lesser known cut to his customers, but didn't want to sell it as Tri Tip, he wanted a catchyer name. A name that would help sell this wonderful little steak, that was oh so tasty and cost far less than Sirloin, T-Bone, Porter House or Rib Steaks. He wanted a name that in the name itself would sell the steak. One day jack Ubaldi was looking at a pack of Newport Cigarettes and noticed that the logo of Newports was more or less the same shape of the Tri Tip Steaks that he cut. Right then and there Jack Ubaldi named his cut of Tri Tip 
"The Newport Steak" the name caught on and they've been selling Newport Steaks at Florence Meat Market on Jones Street in Greenwich Village ever since. They're are a couple other spots in the area where you can get a Newport Steak. Ottomanelli's down the block at Bleecker and Joes Streets sells them, as well as Pino's Prime Meats on Sullivan Street, and is a place where I often pick up a Newport Steak or two, along with ones from the original Florence Meat Market.
     Well, I picked up a couple the other night and cooked them for me and a friend. As usual, they came out perfectly. We had a Couple good bottles of wine as well, in a nice bottle of Villa Sesta Chianti and a fine Bordeaux. And if that wasn't good enough, and don't you think it should have been? We listened to The Rolling Stones while I cooked those "Tasty Steaks" some Roast Potatoes and Carrots. Those steaks, yes they were Perfect. Not many people can cook a Steak as Good as Me, "No Brag Just Fact." Yes it's Fact, I can cook a Steak Better than anyone of ever met or eaten a steak cooked by another, and that includes Steaks I've had at Sparks Steak House, Peter Luger and other places renowned for their steaks. If you knew me, you'd know I'm telling the truth. Ask anyone who has ever eaten a Steak that I've cook, "They tell you."
  Any way, yes the Steaks were perfect. My mouth is watering now just thinking about them. Dam, I tell you, Those Newport Steaks were "So Dam Good" they were practically "Orgasmic" I kid you not. Ask my Pal Chris, or my Buddies Raoul or Jimmy S, they'll tell you. So we had The Perfect Steak, drank Chianti, and listened to The World's Greatest Rock Band of All-Time "The Rolling Stones." And yes Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, "Sometimes Life Can Be Blissful." Yes It Can.

The Newport Steak 
Is Cut From Tri-Tip Bottom Sirloin

A Couple Nice Newport Steaks
All Ready to Cook Up


Is that little thing of Beauty The Newport Steak Greenwich Villages Own? Yes Boys and Girls it is! I don't know if anyone has ever coined it that. I do know that those of us in Greenwich Village and New Yorkers in other parts of the city know about it and that it is of Greenwich Village. And you see, just because you live in Greenwich Village doesn't mean that you automatically know about it, not everyone does. We are few and small a group. An elite group who know of the wonders of our beloved Steak of Greenwich Village and Italian Greenwich Village at that. 
Our beloved Newport Steak, those few of us who know about it, is a Greenwich Village Original created by an Italian Immigrant Butcher jack Ubaldi who created the now famous Newport Steak in the late 1940s when he had the idea of cutting the relatively unknown and inexpensive cut of beef known as the Bottom Sirloin in a different way and cut off a couple of Steaks from this piece of meat that was most often used as a roast in a larger piece or ground for Hamburgers, Meatloaf, or Meatballs. Today this cut of meat is normally known as Tri-Tip or Santa Maria Steak of Central California where it is grilled or roasted whole in one piece then sliced when serving. In France this cut is known as a Culotte which is popular in the Bistros of Paris and all over France.
So back to Jack Ubaldi who back in the 1940's invented what is now known to those "In The Know" as a Newport Steak. Jack cut the a piece from the Bottom Sirloin that was about 1 1/2" thick and had the shape of a Boomerang. When he saw a Newport Cigarette ad and noticed that his special cut of Steak looked like the Boomerang Logo of the Newport Cigarettes. Right then and there in his butcher shop on Jones Street in Greenwich Village, Jack named his special cut the Newport Steak. The rest is Culinary and Greenwich Village History, and Italian Greenwich Village History at that, as at that time Greenwich Village was heavily populated by Italians. The Village was filled with Bread Bakers like Zito's(now defunct) around the block on Bleeeker Street, Zapieri's, and Vesuvio as well as a host of other Bakeries, Italian Restaurants and Caffes like Caffe reggio and Caffe Dante, along with another fine Italian Butcher Shop in Pino's Prime Meats on Sullivan Street, in business since 1904. Raffetto's Pasta in Greenwich Village and Porto Rico Coffee are all over 100 Year Old Italian-American businesses as well. 
So the Newport Steak. Created by Jack Obaldi, is cut from the Bottom Sirloin are about 1 1/2 inches thick, weigh about 14 ounces and cost about $7.50 a piece and are well worth it. Heck they're a bargain compared to a Prime Sirloin which are about triple the price of a Newport. And the Newport is every bit as good as a regular New York Cut Sirloin. No quality loss what so ever. In fact, after getting on to Newport's I prefer them to a Sirloin, as do the others in the know on the Newport.


FLorence Meat Market  "They Invented It" !!!  ... Jones Street, Greenwich Village, New York 

Pino's Prime Meats  .... Sullivan Street, New York,  NY

Ottomanelli's Meat market .... Corner of Bleecker and Jones Streets, down the block from Florence ...  Greenwich Village, New York

Pictures of Al Pacino in The GODFATHER
and Cast of The Soprano's
in Window at Pino's


For Great Recipe and Instructions
On Cooking The Perfect Steak
See The Dudes Cookbook
The Collected Recipes of The Dude